Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rihanna Says Chris Brown Has Hit Her Before

TMZ Reports:

Chris Brown may have gotten lucky because the charge he was booked on is kinda weak, law enforcement sources tell TMZ. But he's still in big trouble, and Rihanna says it's not the first time he's attacked her.

Sources say the Los Angeles County District Attorney kicked the case back to the police for further investigation because evidence that he made criminal threats against Rihanna is kind of thin. Our sources are quick to say he will, however, almost certainly be charged with felony domestic battery, a lesser offense but still serious.

Here's how it went down, according to the police report. After Chris received a text message from a woman who wrote about getting together, an argument erupted. By the way, initially, Rihanna would not tell cops what started the argument.

She did, however, tell them that during the argument, he started hitting her. According to the police report, she ordered him to drive her home and "faked a call" to someone, saying things like, "He's dropping me off. Make sure the cops are there."

Rihanna told cops the fake call enraged Brown. He said something to the effect of "You are really fu**ed up now. I'm going to kill you." This statement is the basis of the criminal threats charge.

At that point, according to the report, Brown allegedly began a violent attack with his fists. At some point, Rihanna took the keys out of the ignition and threw them outside.

And there's this. According to the police report, she told cops this was not the first time Brown hit her. She referred to it as an ongoing and escalating abusive relationship.

We're told the criminal threats charge is based on that one statement Brown allegedly made. As one law enforcement source told us, "It's kinda weak, and the D.A. is not going to prosecute a high profile case like this unless it's solid." That's why it was kicked back for further investigation.

Given the brutal nature of the attack, which the photos clearly show -- contusions on the face, swollen eyes, cut lip, bloody nose, bite marks on fingers and arm -- a felony domestic battery charge is virtually a done deal. That, however, is a less serious offense than making criminal threats.

The Court Says:

That's all? Joking, but here's what we think about the situation.

Grow up. You mean to tell me with all the money and fame, you do the same petty bullshit that we all do? This is dissapointing. And Rhi Rhi doesn't sound that innocent in all of it either.

So let me get this straight, Chris got a text about hooking up and an argument ensued. So it's safe to say Rhianna started the argument which escalated to the point where Chris Brown just hit her. Which wasn't a first.

So then she demands to be dropped off and on the way makes a "fake" phone call telling someone to have the police ready when she gets there... uhh what? Why make a fake phone call? Is that the bell for round 2? Chris heard it, and allegedlly said, "You are really fu**ed up now. I'm going to kill you." This is when Chris Breezy really went in on Rihanna doing most of the damage. Come on in an abusive relationship that's foreplay. Lol.

But seriously Rhi Rhi you could have sent a real text message to someone saying that and what do ya know, Chris wouldn't have heard a thing. No, you choose to make a "fake" phone call to piss your abusive boyfriend off. Yall know Ike was whoppin Tina's ass for less then that, remember when she didn't want to eat the cake? Smh.

As far as an ongoing abusive relationship, I've never seen or heard of any evidence of abuse. Rihanna always looks in top form to me, I still haven't seen these pictures but I did see A Thin Line Between Love and Hate when she tried to set Martin up. I just want to know how Rihanna got bite marks on her arm and fingers? This boy Chris fights like he dances.

Yea so they probably deserve each other as Rihanna is looking sketchy in the whole picture and Chris just looks stupid and abusive. "I made a fake phone call", Ha!