Friday, February 6, 2009

Rick Ross On Tampa 95.7 Talks About 50 Cent

Rick Ross is very irritating with the way he is approaching the beef situation.

I understand that he makes good music, but so did Ja Rule you clown.

Hip Hop can't be understood by people that don't live Hip Hop.

The new "Dirty South" era isn't the true form of music that we loved when Outkast, Scarface, Trick Daddy and Cash Money flourished.

Today the game is filled with mercenaries with no passion for the game, the music is one thing but the feeling is another.

Granted Rick Ross is great for "gangsta quotes" like, "The monkey talk, that's girl talk... holla at me when you ready to talk like g's and do some gangsta shit."

"O by the way...We don't believe you ya need more people!"

This dude actually believes his character so much that he believes that he is the gangsta that Freeway Ricky Ross was; the real Rick Ross.

Rick Ross, where are your bodies at? Where are your bricks? I just want someone to vouch for you, a real nigga that will hold down your name in the street.

Sounds good on the radio Ross but where's the substance, where's your team of goons? I mean the boss doesn't do his own work right?

Why the beef Rick Ross? "It's Deeper Than Rap", he answers.

Uhhh, right but is it "Deeper Than Promotion"? I doubt it.

Ross, a lesson for you would be that in the music business your credibility is essential to success.

When it is apparent that your lying about your character (who the people really love not you) then your presence loses its luster.

You will lose that mystic that comes with the heavy voice and larger than life production you receive on records.

Trust me 50 is trying to fuck up your image, your vehicle for your message, and it will work.

Stop lying and address the matter head on, stop using phrases such as "it's deeper than rap", "monkey talk", "I'm the boss", and " I do G shit".

Your high on quotes and low on substance like most rappers masquerading as artists today.

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