Monday, February 2, 2009

50 Cent Spends A Day With "Tia" Rick Ross's Baby's Mother

So it seems I was right and Officer Ricky...excuse me Rick Ross, will be yet another rapper on the 50 Cent R.I.P. list.

50 Cent recently posted a video interview with Tia Kemp; Rick Ross' ex-girlfriend and mother to his seed.

50 Cent personally interviewed Tia Kemp about her life with Rick Ross and she confirmed that he was a correction officer.

Ms. Kemp also states how negligent Rick Ross has been in taking care of her and his child. Shortly after 50 Cent takes Rick Ross' ex on a shopping spree around New York City.

He first bought her a fur coat, after which they went to the Gucci store to continue shopping.

So it would seem as if 50 Cent would know how to embarrass the most delusional of rappers.

It has to be insulting when someone has your baby's mother talk about you negatively and then spends stacks on her too...

Damn, damn , damn Officer Ricky!!!