Friday, January 30, 2009

Blackwater Mercenaries Lose Iraq Contract

If you haven't heard by now about Blackwater Worldwide; a private security company that trains and provides "for-profit contractors" or mercenaries to paying clientele, then this will be a good news bad news situation.

The good news is that the State Department has decided to let the contract with Blackwater Worldwide for "security contractors" in Iraq to expire.

This comes with a new administration and a refusal of renewal by the Iraqi government. The Iraqi government refused to renew the contract based on a September 2007 incident in which 6 Blackwater Security Guards allegedly gunned down 17 unarmed Iraqi civilians.

Five former Blackwater security guards pleaded not guilty to charges of vouluntary manslaughter and other serious charges, stemming from the shootings in a Baghdad square.

The sixth former Blackwater security guard has pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter.

Blackwater says its employees were returning fire after they were attacked by armed insurgents, but an Iraqi investigation concluded that the guards randomly fired at civilians without provocation.

On second thought, its all bad news but the really bad news is that Blackwater Worldwide is a "army for hire" or "mercenaries". Where the issue garnered my interest was when I found through on-line research that this private "security" force was not subject to the United States rules of engagement.

This was accompanied with a few YoutTube videos that were quite revealing as to Blackwater Worldwide and their prominent Republican ties.

A few videos showed footage of Blackwater security guards shooting at civilians and using racial epithets.

Imagine my shock when I found out that Blackwater Worldwide was also awarded a security contract by FEMA of $73 million to police New Orleans after Katrina. National Guard?

The concept of an "army for hire" is obsurd and undermines the strength and dignity of the United States Armed Forces.

Blackwater reported a 600% growth from 2001 to 2005; virtually unheard of, unless a government pumps public military funds into your company.

In this time period Blackwater grossed nearly $300 million in security contracting.

This is taxpayer money for the United States Armed Forces used for private contracting.

Where do we live? I have to ask.

There is a great article on titled "The Great Iraq Swindle: How Bush Allowed an Army of For-Profit Contractors to Invade th U.S. Treasury."

Rick Ross "Officer Ricky" Calls Shade45 To Discuss 50 Cent

Rick Ross recently called Shade45 to discuss his new album "Deeper Than Rap" and the new beef between him and 50 Cent.

Rick Ross dissed 50 Cent in a song last week called "Mafia Music".

Ross revealed through the interview that the bad blood was spurred by him feeling disrepected by a look that 50 Cent gave him backstage.

UPDATE: Rhymefest "SuperSonic" Charles Hamilton Diss

So it doesn't look as if Charles Hamilton aka Sonic The Hamilton will be getting away from the lyrical slaughter house anytime soon.

After Charles Hamilton mentioned Rhymefest in a battle at SOBs ( Rhymefest has been quick to respond with "Supersonic", a diss track taking full aim at Charles Hamilton.

I don't know Charles it looks like they're coming at your head, u better get Super Sonic real quick.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Was Alicia Keys Creepin With Married Man "Swizz Beats"?

Wow, never thought that I would see this but...

Apparently Alicia Keys isn't quite the innocent, inspiring and whole hearted diva she seems to be.

Mashonda, the ex-wife of Hip Hop producer Swiss Beats recently stopped by "Live with Kendra G" to promote her new single "Dirty Laundry".

Mashonda confirmed that Swiss Beats and Alicia Keys were involved romantically during their marriage which resulted in divorce.

I don't know about you but it shocks the hell out of me. Didn't she sing Diary, Superwoman, If I Ain't Got you; and she can't get her own?

Ladies, fellas sound off...

UPDATE: Young Jeezy Responds Back To Bill O'Reilly

I'm sorry people but I fuck with Jeezy, Hov too but right now Young Jeezy is using his freedom of speech to the fullest. I feel you homie.

Nothing he's saying is a lie from my perspective, way to keep it a hundred Jeezy. I'm about sick of Bill O' Reilly too, talking about Ludacris, 50 Cent, now Young Jeezy?

Their music doesn't even speak to him, and if he is as ignorant as he appears I doubt he can figure out much of what they're saying.

It's On: 50 Cent "Curtis" Vs. Rick Ross "Officer Ricky"

So it seems as if it's going down between hip hop heavyweights 50 Cent and Rick Ross. Rick Ross took a few shots at the rap mogul last week in a track released titled, "Mafia Music".

"I love to pay ya bills, can't wait to pay ya rent/ Curtis Jackson baby mama, I ain't looking for a cent/ Burn the house down, You gotta buy another/ Don't forget the gas can, jealous, stupid muthaf----r."

Ross is obviously referring to the fire incident which occurred in the mansion that 50 Cent's son was living with his mother, Shaniqua Tompkins. Ms. Tompkins prompted a controversy by accusing 50 Cent of orchestrating the plan to start a fire.

50 Cent has wasted no time in responding with his own lyrical assault in a track released on his community blog site

Honestly I don't think this battle will help Rick Ross out much but I'm sure he said what he said to gain attention and not fall victim to irrelevance. Now that we know he wasn't the big drug dealer we need another reason to listen to him. 50 Cent is looking for this fight to build energy before his supposed final album, "Before I Self Destruct".

Ross probably won't come out this one unscathed, if he comes out at all but for now he definitely is not irrelevant.

Rihanna Covers GQ Mexico

R&B singer Rihanna is posing on the cover of the Mexican GQ magazine.

The recent hits "Umbrella" and "Live Your Life" have Rihanna hot as ever, she looks beautiful too, check the pics...

Looking good Ri Ri. I want to see what they do with Rihanna next as she has already come so far and crossed over without really crossing over.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Charles Hamilton Vs. Serious Jones Battle

So maybe you've heard of Charles Hamilton and then maybe not. I was introduced to Charles "Sonic The Hamilton" Hamilton's music by an episode of Entourage, as his single "Brooklyn Girls" played in a L.A. scene.

I quickly learned more about the cocky emcee as he quickly entered a beef with Soulja Boy over comments he made on Shade 45. Both parties released two tracks and Sonic The Hamilton was the obvious winner, but look at the competition. Soulja Boy?

I listened to his mixtape "The Pink Lavalamp" and immediately realized that he was talented than the average person; there for the average emcee. However, the mixtape lacked passion and substance. Some tracks just seem to be Charles rambling over an instrumental with his vocal presence that borders irritating.

Granted Charles Hamilton is a talented emcee, but he hints to the notion that he is of a different breed. That he may be because he is definitely different, but different doesn't mean genuine.

Is Charles The Hamilton another gimmick being pushed to hip hop to interest the market that Soulja Boy could never reach? I don't know.

So Charles Hamilton and Serious Jones ended up battling the other night in SOBs and I have to say neither was impressive.

I though Charles Hamilton was going to rope-a-dope Jones with the first few bars he spit. Jones went in harder and when Sonic The Hamilton responded he missed his "zone", you know the "zone" Sonic gets in when he's doing his shit right.

I know Serious Jones and he's a good comedy show that excels at punchlines, but for a true emcee he is light work in the freestyle section, no writtens.

So what's good is the industry to the point where the outcast is a gimmick because Interscope is missing that portion of the market? I don't know.

So the jury's still out on Charles The Hamilton and Sonic The Hamilton, but I think Serious just upstaged him here and that's not a good look.

Rock Hop? Lil Wayne Performing His New Single "Prom Queen"

Lil Wayne's new single performed live from San Diego.

Lil Wanye performs his new single "Prom Queen" live, which is set to release on AT&T Music's Facebook page.

"Prom Queen" is the first single of Lil Wanye's new rock hop album "Rebirth", link

Like I said before the music is cool but I don't know if Lil Wayne should do this. He might even sound good still rapping over the track, maybe this is some new type of blend so I'll call it "Rock Hop" for now but that's Prom Queen anyway off his new album "Rebirth" scheduled to drop on April 9th.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Antonio Margarito Vs. Shane Mosley (Shane Wins By Knockout)

"Sugar" Shane Mosley fought Antonio Margarito Saturday night in a much anticipated title match. The fight marked the first return to the scene of his greatest victory, a thrilling split decision over Los Angeles' favorite boxer, Oscar De La Hoya in 2000.

Mosley was in rare form that night as he dismantled the favored Antonio Margarito. Mosley who was thought of as the underdog turned aggressor and out performed Margarito. While losing the match, Margartio will also be investigated for a substance found on his gloves before the fight.

Lil Wayne's New Single, 'Prom Queen,' Leaks

So Weezy said his next album was going to be a rock album and no surprise the man who never lets us down is releasing his first rock single, "Prom Queen". The track was allegedly leaked to the public as Wayne prepares the album for it's April 9th release.

After listening to the track I must say the production is on point. Though I am not a huge fan of rock, it is pleasing to the ear as far as the music goes. Lil wayne sings with the assistance of autotune through the track to achieve the desired vocals. The song is nothing really special to me but you have ears...

Lil Wayne - Prom Queen | Audio | Rap Basement

I'm guessing that Weezy is just testing out the water before he drops this rock album. Is it me or did everyone just give up on hip hop? First Nelly goes country, Kanye creates his own genre, and Lil Wayne is going rock. But all I want to hear is some fucking hip hop... O Well

Monday, January 26, 2009

UPDATE: Sneak(er) Peek at Kanye's Kicks

Kanye's new kicks with Louis Vuitton...Yay or nay?

UPDATE: Young Jeezy, Jay-Z Speak About "My President Is Black"

Young Jeezy and Jay-Z explain the significance of, "My President Is Black" and the election of Barack Obama to Sway of MTV News.

I'm happy to see that MTV News took the initiative to interview the artists who created this message, "My President Is Black". MTV News displays a certain level of integrity that Fox News does not. It's a positive thing when artists not only spread their music but more so their ideas and sense of pride.

"My president is black in fact he's half white, so even to a racist mind he's half right...Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly, so imma spread my wings meet me in the sky"- Jay Z.


A little news for all the cannabis smokers out there, in case you haven't heard about it Smoke-A-Thon 2009; is a contest open to anyone who deems themselves one of the premier weed connoisseurs in the business. The event was announced by Juelz Santana in cooperation with Jordan Tower Films. Anyone can enter and the contest will be to smoke until last man standing wins. The video debuted on

Looks crazy to me, they definetely take smoking serious. Confirmed to attend is Juelz Santana, Sheist Bubz, Daz Dillinger, Belly of Canada. Jordan Tower Films is currently awaiting confirmation from Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman, and Lil Wayne. Artists have been announcing their intent to participate through web videos...


Sheist Bubz:

I hope the Feds aren't watching, but the smoking title is up for grabs. Peace to all my smokers out there...

SMH: Man Arrested During Wedding

I stumbled over this video today and thought that's one reason to have cold feet...

Funny - Funny Videos

Damn they didn't even wait for the end of the ceremony. I'm guessing the honeymoon will be delayed. That's a shame...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fox Smears Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and Barack Obama

Recently Bill O' Reilly and Dennis Miller commented on a performance of Jay-Z and Young Jeezy during the inauguration weekend in Washington D.C., while performing Young Jeezy's song " My President is Black". The pundits at Fox News quickly jumped on the performance and interestingly enough have already played the race card against the new president. Accusing Jay-Z and Young Jeezy of racist remarks which I didn't hear, while pundits made many comments which could be offensive, watch for yourself:

OK, first for Young Jeezy. He never said anything about white people at any point he thanked two people (whether you agree or not) and the stated, "My president is black". Jay-Z free styled a few bars that said no more Bush and no more white lies, then stated "My president is black". So where is the offensive language which is so unacceptable that it should be publicly denounced by our President. How do the personal political opinions of two ARTISTS, who were performing for a crowd who paid to see them, become a representation of Black America and Barack Obama. How does this 20 second clip reflect race relations and the mind state of the young African Americans of this country?

The language used is borderline offensive as Dennis Miller states, " with a 70% single parent rate in the black community this guy is stuck..." What does that mean that he is stuck? What is the relevance to the Iraq War which Jay Z mentioned. Miller gives his transparent monologue about welcoming a new era of African American respectability. They mention the word hoe but not Don Imus, mention a 70% single parent rate but not that African American males also lead in the area of death between 15-29. Miller really fell off since his show, fake ass Jack Nicholson .

It's funny how the story began on a night club performance and ends in the criticism of Barack Obama and his policies. Is this truly news worthy? Since Obama has been elected there have been increased cross burnings, schoolchildren chanting "Assassinate Obama." Black figures hung from nooses. Racial epithets scrawled on homes and cars(,). Fox News plays a dangerous game as they attempt to drive a wedge in the nation's race relations further, playing wolf in sheep's clothing. Taking art from the hip hop world and spoon feeding it to a foreign middle America as a sign of African American hate are antics to further the cause of Fox News and their agenda. Journalistic integrity must be the extinct dinosaur in today's media.

Michelle Malkin also comments on the Young Jeezy, Jay- Z- My President is Black performance:

So Fox News felt this story was so important they covered it twice. Michelle Malkin is notorious for being a puppet, I can see her strings in the video. Malkin refers to the eve of the inauguration as the "feel good kumbaya". Kumbaya was originally associated with unity and closeness, but more recently is also alluded to sarcastically to suggest a blandly pious and naively optimistic view of the world and human nature. As Malkin points fingers at the hip hop industry for being bigoted and racist she eludes to the Obama administration and how they do not denounce these actions. Miss Malkin character assassination is never attractive and this story is baseless and her statements are without merit. As they create concepts and terms such as a "Post Racial America" or a "Post Racial Presidency", the pundits are very sly in the way they make it seem as if Barack Obama's election has fixed years of sour race relations, which the "rap industry" and the "democrat mentality" is now destroying. Michelle Malkin always throws salt on the wound as she finishes with Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous words, while accusing Democrats of judging people by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. She then states, "not exactly the kind of legacy we thought Martin Luther King was supposed to leave." Malkin is intentionally disrespectful as she and Fox News try to smear the names of Barack Obama, Robert Rush, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Nas(who is Nahz) and Martin Luther King JR.!!!

So in response to Fox News...NO MORE IRAQ, NO MORE LIES( Jay-Z said white lies to be witty, its hip-hop smh) and FUCK BUSH!!!


Martin Louis The King, Jr.?

So Kanye West has announced that in lieu of his new sneaker line which debuted during a Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris, that he will be changing his name to "Martin Louis The King Jr.". The self proclaimed "Louis Vuitton Don" announced the change of alias in a video titled "Live From Pareee!"; filmed in a luxurious Paris hotel room and posted on his blog Check it out:

1st and foremost; this is a ground breaking achievement for a hip hop artist to collaborate with a reputable and respected company in the fashion world. Louis Vuitton; one of the oldest fashion houses in the world must be a candy store to anyone who ever aspired to design clothing. Kanye We... excuse me, Martin Louis The King Jr has enough "swag" to justify an association with the company but is he really a high fashion designer, or just a recording artist with a sneaker deal? Either way its perfectly timed for Kanye (it's a habit) as his latest project "808s & Heartbreak" is certified platinum selling over 1.2 million copies though the music was a drastic deviation from older Kanye music. We all know that artists are eccentric but does the "Louis Vuitton Don" really have to be "Martin Louis The King Jr."? Has anyone else noticed that Kanye is really not that eloquent when speaking, "what has happened so severely"? It seems this video was mad for bragging more than anything else though the exposure will be viral. So is this just a shameless plug, a well disguised publicity stunt? Or is Martin Louis The King Jr. taking his new venture that seriously? Mr. West, gloves and no shoes? I want to see the shoes.

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