Friday, February 6, 2009

Lil Bow Wow Strikes Back...Gives Soulja Boy A Dose of Reality

Bow Wow responds to Soulja Boy heartlessly; the intro to his diss track being a compilation of artists clowning Soulja Boy.

The track starts with a radio interview with Snoop Dogg dissin Soulja Boy’s single "Crank That" calling it "bullshit" , followed by a Cassidy mixtape verse that insinuates that Soulja Boy is as gimmick, a one hit wonder.

Bow Wow spits over the classic "Get Money" beat, going at the young rapper’s questionable ability to be a lasting artist in the game. Basically calling him a homosexual one hit wonder.

The track is called "This Is What They Think About You". Honestly, this is what most people think about Soulja Boy. He hasn’t really proven anything artistically but was a youtube phenomenon with his channel grossing over 400,448,420+ hits.

Bow Wow also released a 6 minute video talking reckless about Soulja Boy giving him a big dose of reality, breaking it down from his lack of respect in the hip hop community to his disrepectful comments about Nas killing hip hop.

Soulja Boy is really being sonned by Bow Wow throughout the video as he tells him that he needs to stay in his lane that's why people broke into his crib. Going as far as to tell Soulja Boy he isn't Gucci Mane or OJ The Juice Man

Bow Wow credits himself for opening the door for an artist like Soulja Boy, then promptly tells him that his career is over. Bow Wow, " stats don't match up with Soulja Boy stats. Your not in my league..." .

The video is a long overdue dose of reality for the "rich nigga" Soulja Boy, who hosts a series on youtube called "Rich Nigga Shit".

Check it out:

iSouljaBoyTellem; Soulja Boy’s sophomore album has been a serious flop selling approximately 45,000 copies so far. This following his debut album which moved 1 million units; mostly driven off the success of the "Crank That" single.

So Bow Wow’s right even though he isn’t my favorite rapper by the least, he is still 20 times better than Soulja Boy who should have taken his own advice and "got his feet" set before beefing with a hip hop name.

So it seems like Soulja Boy will be in the same boat as Rick Ross, the "bitten off more than you can chew" category.