Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lil Wayne Katie Couric CBS Pre Grammy Interview

CBS' Katie Couric recently sat down with the Hip Hop phenomenon that is Lil Wayne, to discuss his journey to the top as he is currently nominated for 8 grammys.

Lil Wayne is unarguably a unique artist, a character unto itself. From the 9th Ward of New Orleans, Lil Wayne dropped his first album at the age of 12.

Today Lil Wayne is a Hip Hop superstar with an unparalleled following and a music catalogue to make any emcee think twice.

His fans see him as Lil Wayne; their idol, but Wayne views himself as "a gangster" who works "extremely hard", which results in "greatness".

"A gangster" in the sense that he does what he wills, taking orders from no one. Wayne tells Couric, "I don't take nothing from no one, I do what I wanna do...if I cant do that I'll just die."

The interview shows a different side of Lil Wayne as he and "Ms. Katie"(as Wayne calls Couric) bowl; one of his favorite pass times.

The conversation struck a more serious note when Couric asked Wayne, why not use his given name; Dwayne. Wayne's response, "I'm a junior and my father is living ... he's never been in my life, so I don't want to be Dwayne. I'd rather be Wayne." Understandable Wayne.

The interview struck moments of intimacy like this and when Couric grilled Wayne on his social habits. Couric questioned Wayne about his past "addiction" to the drink Sizzurp, however Wayne reassured her that he is not addicted.

When asked about his habitual weed smoking, Wayne blatantly expressed his support for marijuana use, stating that he would "stand up for marijuana any day". Bravo Weezy!

This led Couric to mention Wayne's ten year old daughter and a two month old son, asking; does he feel like he is a good role model to people on how to live their lives?

Wayne did not hesitate to make it clear that he is a great role model, but only for two.

Whatever your opinion may be, Lil Wayne is to be respected as an artist and a man. As he says, " worry about yours, and let them worry about theirs, I got mine." - » Lil Wayne Grammy Special Interview With Katie Couric

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