Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did a Text Message Cause Chris Brown And Rihanna Fight


The new buzz (no pun intended) around the Chris Brown beating Rihanna incident, is that there was a text message that Chris Brown received from another woman about hooking up later that night.

Law enforcement sources confirm to TMZ Chris Brown received a text message from a woman while he was driving with Rihanna and that’s what started the confrontation that left Rihanna battered and bruised.

The details about Rihanna’s injuries are growing as the police revealed that they took pictures of her injuries that night. Chris Brown allegedly beat Rhianna to the point where both of her eyes were nearly shut, her nose and lips were bleeding and she had visible contusions on her face.


I think we have much more to learn about the case as it seems like Chris Brown would have had to seriously overreact to something.

From what I’ve heard Chris Brown and Rihanna have been over for about 2 weeks and their PR people thought a pre-grammy appearance would look good.

Supposedly Chris Brown is dating Keisha Chante, a Canadian r&b singer who will be playing Aaliyah in the upcoming movie. Picture below...


I don’t know and they don’t want to tell so I’ll speculate...

Chris Brown probably received a text message from a chick he was "hooking up" with, and that little ass Lamborghini leaves no room for secrets.

Rihanna most likely knew the deal, started bugging and you know how that goes, people get honest, then people get hurt. Now you should never hit a woman in any circumstance but... ladies please learn to keep your hands to yourselves.

It’s not clear what happened in that car, but if Chris Brown received the text message that initiated the whole incident, then Rihanna was most likely the most upset of the two.

Chris might have beat her because of her words but I doubt it. Most likely she started hitting him and he made the mistake of hitting her back instead of throwing her ass out.

Then again I don’t know what happened because I couldn’t see myself giving a girl the Mike Tyson, unless Herpes type 2 was involved, then I’m tight. Chris you not going to win with this one, next time just shake the bitch real hard, no harm, no foul.

I’m joking though its really not funny and from what the police say he put in work on her face, but what ya gonna do?

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