Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Full Rick Ross Miss Info Interview About 50 Cent

This is the full version of the Rick Ross, Miss Info interview.

Rick Ross explains how he "feels" about 50 Cent's rap career, which he says is over. Stating that 50 Cent isn't 20% of what he used to be.

He points out once again he feels that 50 is irrelevant in the south.

The audio is below...

It sounds like Rick Ross or Officer Ricky will say anything to not talk about his correctional days.

Stop lying Ross your not a Boss like you said you were. You have money from rap and your still lying about a job you used to have, trying to promote a drug king pin's name.

The real Freeway Ricky Ross said that he doesn't appreciate you flaunting his life as if its yours, so who's the monkey?

We know what 50's about and to tell the truth Rick Ross isn't on that level. We're not talking Phantoms Ross, we're talking brands. Thisis50.com is using you and your baby's mother right now.

However, a clown he may be; Ross does have a point about the quality of music 50 has released (myself being a Power Of A Dollar, Guess Who's Back fan) has been on a steady decline with exception to "I Get Money" and a few other singles.

This is another realm though Ross, your name took a hit when you lied about being a CO, but to beef with one of the best over a look he gave you?

I think you deserve this.

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