Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Boss "Ricky Ross" Takes Orders's Industry A$$hole has reported that inside sources at Island Def Jam report that L.A. Reid (Island Def Jam Chair), has told Rick Ross to shut up.

Reports claim that L.A. Reid has ordered Rick Ross to stop calling DJs and radio stations, with regard to his beef with 50 Cent.

Ouch, your label throws in the towel after a one week beef? Yea, your career might be over.

Rick Ross has just released a new single featuring John Legend entitled "Magnificent"... which I'll have to look for as I haven't heard it yet.

That being said, reports also say that the single is not being received well; receiving under 150 spins nationwide though it was released a week ago.

His music is being overshadowed by the beating his image is taking from 50 Cent. All his interviews have surrounded the beef.

This is how it starts, after that your irrelevant or severely diminished in star power.

It's clear that if a single with John Legend isn't getting radio play, you have a lot of work to do.

So Officer Ricky, Rick Ross, "the boss"; is looking about as "Bossy" as Kelis.