Sunday, January 25, 2009

Martin Louis The King, Jr.?

So Kanye West has announced that in lieu of his new sneaker line which debuted during a Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris, that he will be changing his name to "Martin Louis The King Jr.". The self proclaimed "Louis Vuitton Don" announced the change of alias in a video titled "Live From Pareee!"; filmed in a luxurious Paris hotel room and posted on his blog Check it out:

1st and foremost; this is a ground breaking achievement for a hip hop artist to collaborate with a reputable and respected company in the fashion world. Louis Vuitton; one of the oldest fashion houses in the world must be a candy store to anyone who ever aspired to design clothing. Kanye We... excuse me, Martin Louis The King Jr has enough "swag" to justify an association with the company but is he really a high fashion designer, or just a recording artist with a sneaker deal? Either way its perfectly timed for Kanye (it's a habit) as his latest project "808s & Heartbreak" is certified platinum selling over 1.2 million copies though the music was a drastic deviation from older Kanye music. We all know that artists are eccentric but does the "Louis Vuitton Don" really have to be "Martin Louis The King Jr."? Has anyone else noticed that Kanye is really not that eloquent when speaking, "what has happened so severely"? It seems this video was mad for bragging more than anything else though the exposure will be viral. So is this just a shameless plug, a well disguised publicity stunt? Or is Martin Louis The King Jr. taking his new venture that seriously? Mr. West, gloves and no shoes? I want to see the shoes.

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