Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Charles Hamilton Vs. Serious Jones Battle

So maybe you've heard of Charles Hamilton and then maybe not. I was introduced to Charles "Sonic The Hamilton" Hamilton's music by an episode of Entourage, as his single "Brooklyn Girls" played in a L.A. scene.

I quickly learned more about the cocky emcee as he quickly entered a beef with Soulja Boy over comments he made on Shade 45. Both parties released two tracks and Sonic The Hamilton was the obvious winner, but look at the competition. Soulja Boy?

I listened to his mixtape "The Pink Lavalamp" and immediately realized that he was talented than the average person; there for the average emcee. However, the mixtape lacked passion and substance. Some tracks just seem to be Charles rambling over an instrumental with his vocal presence that borders irritating.

Granted Charles Hamilton is a talented emcee, but he hints to the notion that he is of a different breed. That he may be because he is definitely different, but different doesn't mean genuine.

Is Charles The Hamilton another gimmick being pushed to hip hop to interest the market that Soulja Boy could never reach? I don't know.

So Charles Hamilton and Serious Jones ended up battling the other night in SOBs and I have to say neither was impressive.

I though Charles Hamilton was going to rope-a-dope Jones with the first few bars he spit. Jones went in harder and when Sonic The Hamilton responded he missed his "zone", you know the "zone" Sonic gets in when he's doing his shit right.

I know Serious Jones and he's a good comedy show that excels at punchlines, but for a true emcee he is light work in the freestyle section, no writtens.

So what's good is the industry to the point where the outcast is a gimmick because Interscope is missing that portion of the market? I don't know.

So the jury's still out on Charles The Hamilton and Sonic The Hamilton, but I think Serious just upstaged him here and that's not a good look.