Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fox Smears Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, and Barack Obama

Recently Bill O' Reilly and Dennis Miller commented on a performance of Jay-Z and Young Jeezy during the inauguration weekend in Washington D.C., while performing Young Jeezy's song " My President is Black". The pundits at Fox News quickly jumped on the performance and interestingly enough have already played the race card against the new president. Accusing Jay-Z and Young Jeezy of racist remarks which I didn't hear, while pundits made many comments which could be offensive, watch for yourself:

OK, first for Young Jeezy. He never said anything about white people at any point he thanked two people (whether you agree or not) and the stated, "My president is black". Jay-Z free styled a few bars that said no more Bush and no more white lies, then stated "My president is black". So where is the offensive language which is so unacceptable that it should be publicly denounced by our President. How do the personal political opinions of two ARTISTS, who were performing for a crowd who paid to see them, become a representation of Black America and Barack Obama. How does this 20 second clip reflect race relations and the mind state of the young African Americans of this country?

The language used is borderline offensive as Dennis Miller states, " with a 70% single parent rate in the black community this guy is stuck..." What does that mean that he is stuck? What is the relevance to the Iraq War which Jay Z mentioned. Miller gives his transparent monologue about welcoming a new era of African American respectability. They mention the word hoe but not Don Imus, mention a 70% single parent rate but not that African American males also lead in the area of death between 15-29. Miller really fell off since his show, fake ass Jack Nicholson .

It's funny how the story began on a night club performance and ends in the criticism of Barack Obama and his policies. Is this truly news worthy? Since Obama has been elected there have been increased cross burnings, schoolchildren chanting "Assassinate Obama." Black figures hung from nooses. Racial epithets scrawled on homes and cars(,). Fox News plays a dangerous game as they attempt to drive a wedge in the nation's race relations further, playing wolf in sheep's clothing. Taking art from the hip hop world and spoon feeding it to a foreign middle America as a sign of African American hate are antics to further the cause of Fox News and their agenda. Journalistic integrity must be the extinct dinosaur in today's media.

Michelle Malkin also comments on the Young Jeezy, Jay- Z- My President is Black performance:

So Fox News felt this story was so important they covered it twice. Michelle Malkin is notorious for being a puppet, I can see her strings in the video. Malkin refers to the eve of the inauguration as the "feel good kumbaya". Kumbaya was originally associated with unity and closeness, but more recently is also alluded to sarcastically to suggest a blandly pious and naively optimistic view of the world and human nature. As Malkin points fingers at the hip hop industry for being bigoted and racist she eludes to the Obama administration and how they do not denounce these actions. Miss Malkin character assassination is never attractive and this story is baseless and her statements are without merit. As they create concepts and terms such as a "Post Racial America" or a "Post Racial Presidency", the pundits are very sly in the way they make it seem as if Barack Obama's election has fixed years of sour race relations, which the "rap industry" and the "democrat mentality" is now destroying. Michelle Malkin always throws salt on the wound as she finishes with Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous words, while accusing Democrats of judging people by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. She then states, "not exactly the kind of legacy we thought Martin Luther King was supposed to leave." Malkin is intentionally disrespectful as she and Fox News try to smear the names of Barack Obama, Robert Rush, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Nas(who is Nahz) and Martin Luther King JR.!!!

So in response to Fox News...NO MORE IRAQ, NO MORE LIES( Jay-Z said white lies to be witty, its hip-hop smh) and FUCK BUSH!!!